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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

it was fun...but now I'm done!

yes. these blocks for Kim were fun.
the fabric was beautiful.

block #2 came together even quicker.

and then I thought I'd try another...

and then I realized I really don't like to make these blocks anymore :)

I was up until midnight because I couldn't stop

and then....

I did.

and I was done!

2 things I learned about myself:

1- I like straight lines. I love the wonky look but it's not my forte.

2- I like to use every bit of fabric. Every bit went into these blocks.

I even got a fourth one done but it was an inch shy of the 12" Kim was looking for.

I sent it back to her so she can play with it or add to it.

I almost forgot to post these awesome blocks from Beth!

they came quite a bit ago and I just let them sit there looking pretty and forgot to blog about them!

thanks Beth!

As the final blocks trickle in I'm really starting to sweat about what to do next.

I thought I knew how I wanted it to look and now I'm not sure....

Once I get all the blocks I guess I'll have to decide :)

Have a good day,



  1. haha... I know what you mean about those blocks. I was in love with making them at first, and I was like, "man, she sent so much fabric... I can probably make some extra blocks" and by the time I was halfway through the second block I had already decided to SHIP THE EXTRA BACK.

  2. I agree, which is exactly why I'm glad I did these for a swap. After a couple of them, I was over them. Looking foward to seeing all the blocks.