You have come to TETHERED THREADS 2. We are a group of 12 women from all over the world who are quilting for one another. Each woman is assigned a month and chooses what she wants the others to make for her. We like that you have stopped by to see what we are doing. Feel free to comment and or ask questions.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

a peek at January...

Are you ready ladies?
Are you set?
Are you armed with your scraps?

Here's a peek at what I'd like my quilt to be for January...

I'll be sending fabric and instructions out soon!
Can't wait to see what you do with it!

Merry Christmas!
Kelly O.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Getting to know you

I heard some exciting news about one of our members the other day. I am going to challenge you to find out what that news is. First one to leave a comment with the news gets a prize. Now I'm not telling you what that prize will be. It could be a trip to Disneyland or a gift card or fabric from my stash.
Audrie, I'm really liking the blocks you've posted. Mine will go in the mail on Monday. I finished them tonight.

First Two Blocks Received!

I received my first two blocks in the mail today! These are from Jen, and they're gorgeous!

I have to admit I had reservations when I joined the bee. I'd never been a part of one, and I'm something of a control freak. So giving someone else creative license is something that made my head spin hehe

But I must say, all the blocks I've seen so far have made me just feel silly for even worrying at all! I love them all, and I know I'll love the rest. I thank you all for your creativity, for showing me things I never would've thought of, and especially for putting my fears to rest :)

And I'm looking forward to Kelly's January blocks!

- Audrie

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I guess Kelly and I had the same idea... I decided that I need to finish these up while I had some time last night.  I hope they aren't too crazy for you, Audrie.   

Even though they were pretty simple to sew up, I ended up ripping multiple seams because they just didn't fit my artistic vision.  Then I spend about 20 minutes searching for a strip of the dark brown in my sewing room that I eventually decided I had used on the first block.

This led to more seam ripping when I decided that the second block was more deserving of that dark brown strip.

I had lots of fun, though.  Looking forward to another month.  :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December Blocks done!

Here we are in the thick of Christmas frenzy.
I thought I'd better get to Audrie's blocks before I got too far behind.
I figured it's not fair to leave her hanging just because I have a busy life right now :)

It also takes 2 weeks for my package to get to any of the 50 States as I reside in Canada,
so as it stands now they'll be there just in time for New Years!
These were surprisingly challenging...

This one with the small centre gave me the most grief.
I wanted the light brown to be just right...
and in the end it worked out perfectly!

I left them and didn't square them up so Audrie can do as she deems fit
since she's bordering them yet with another shade of brown.

I really am enjoying this swap!
can't wait 'til next month!