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Saturday, December 19, 2009

First Two Blocks Received!

I received my first two blocks in the mail today! These are from Jen, and they're gorgeous!

I have to admit I had reservations when I joined the bee. I'd never been a part of one, and I'm something of a control freak. So giving someone else creative license is something that made my head spin hehe

But I must say, all the blocks I've seen so far have made me just feel silly for even worrying at all! I love them all, and I know I'll love the rest. I thank you all for your creativity, for showing me things I never would've thought of, and especially for putting my fears to rest :)

And I'm looking forward to Kelly's January blocks!

- Audrie

1 comment:

  1. These blocks rock! I totally understand what you're saying Audrie. I think doing a fun quilt and a less serious one (for me) makes it a little easier for me to accept everyone's variations and interpretations-- not that I'm a grand quilter, better than everyone else--no-I'm a new quilter with a control freak living inside! :)