You have come to TETHERED THREADS 2. We are a group of 12 women from all over the world who are quilting for one another. Each woman is assigned a month and chooses what she wants the others to make for her. We like that you have stopped by to see what we are doing. Feel free to comment and or ask questions.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thank you Kelly!

These were my first paper pieced blocks and they were sooo fun. I meant to only do one tonight but I couldn't stay out of the sewing room and I ended up doing the second one as well. I think I see a quilt like this in my future...


  1. wow! they look fantastic!!
    I love the blue fabric--it makes it look like it's snowing :)
    thank you :)

  2. I'm glad you like it, I was going for a snowy look. :) I also tried to line up the pattern on the light green tree, but you can see that it ended up a bit off. I put the blocks in the mail this afternoon but I know it takes quite a while for 1st class to get to you.

  3. woops, that was my comment... apparently my s.o. was still logged in on this computer.

  4. I love coming to the blog and seeing new posts and comments. I love the creativity. I just received the fabric today so I will get started tomorrow.