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Monday, June 7, 2010

a thousand apologies

here they are.
My May blocks for Kathleen.
Done and dusted.
In the mail.
So sorry....
so what happened to me this month??
why the late blocks from a girl who's turnaround record has been pretty good?
well when I received the fabrics and directions, I froze.
I found it confusing.
let's remember I'm 34 weeks pregnant.
I have baby brain, people!
so then I didn't have the right fabric in my stash.
so I had to go to the store.
the fabric store 25 minutes away.
this is not normally an issue.
It's normally a joy...
"surely I must have something here..."
so then I equated purchasing the fabric for the block
to finishing the block.
note to self--
purchased fabric=UN finished
so this morning
I decided to let it lag no longer.
45 minutes
2 freezies
and a broken seam ripper later
(don't ask-- I didn't even need it for the block!)
ta da!
two blocks finished.

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